Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Wrap-Up

Hope you all had a blessed and happy holiday weekend.

I am a self-professed Holiday Mom.  The Tuesdays, the daily reading log, the scrubbing the bath tub -- those are not the moments where I shine.  Let a holiday come around (Groundhog Day, Arbor Day or Derby Day) and I have super powers.  We even appropriate holidays that have nothing to do with our own religion or culture -- I throw a mean Cinco De Mayo party.  Easter is a real favorite around here.

We started with growing Easter grass for their baskets. The tutorial was from How Does She? and our adventure was described in this post.  It was so easy and we will definitely be doing this every year from now on.  I think the bunny liked it, too.  He worked extra hard to fill those buckets up and make them look super cute.

With three little bow heads, you would think I learned to make hair bows years ago.  Nope. This site has great instructions for every kind of bow under the sun.  Sooooooo wish I had learned this 47 high priced bows ago -- definitely a stupid tax on my part.

I should have started with gros-grain ribbon first.  Satin is as slippery as it is pretty.  Hunky Husband will also tell you that at one point I even sewed one to the couch.  It was all worth it -- Big Girlie almost cried, Baby Girlie sucked all the oxygen out of the room and then Middle Girlie wrote a song about it.  Life at our house is good.

I also made matching shirts out of bandannas for each of the Girlies.  OK, so I like projects that include fabric that is already hemmed -- drop cloths, napkins, placemats, bandannas.

This was actually my second up to bat on this project.  The first set were red, white & blue for Forth of July two years ago.  My sewing skills were even less than beginner. So, as cute as they looked that day, those shirts did not make it through even one washing.

This time, the seams are holding up well and fingers crossed, we will even make it through the spin cycle.

Big Girlie is carrying the chic cake pops we made for all the neighborhood friends.   I'll make another post of all the things not to do when making & decorating cake pops. Apparently I discovered the method for doing everything the hard way. Some of the fail pictures are going on my wall, they are just too funny. Judging by the sugar hangover we all had today, I guess we did something right. All 2 1/2 batches are gone.

Now that all the festive fun is over, I can spend the long hot Summer talking about staging again. Well, except for Cinco de Mayo and Derby Day and Forth of July. Is there a 12 step program for holidays?

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