Friday, March 30, 2012

Spring Black Friday

Personal note first, my computer completely locked up on Monday night -- just before time to link up to all the fun parties.  First, Hunky Husband and I spent a while blaming each other.  Then, I spent a couple of days trying to fix it myself.  I ended up having to take it in to the Geek Squad and it will be with them for at least another week.  The entire week I walked around feeling like a part of me was gone, maybe not a limb, but at least an important finger.

Thanks to my Daddy, I now have a new laptop to work on.  Yes, I am a grown woman  with a checkbook and children, but I still call my father "Daddy" and he still gives me wonderful presents.  The last time he came to visit, I spent a little too much time in the office. With only one computer in the house, I also cut into my Girlies' time. Both offenses will be addressed with his most recent kind gift.

My Sistah is coming to town this weekend and I still have some major work to do before this place looks anywhere close to visit ready. So, no major projects to share.

This weekend Home Depot calls Spring Black Friday.  They are running some super deals.  We finally broke down and bought a new grill. Our old one didn't make the move and it has been tough going 8 months without one.  My grill pan needs a break.

As you can see, I have no advertising on my site, so I am not being paid to endorse them. However, Hunky Husband is one of those friendly experts in an orange apron.  They have been working hard all week to get ready.  So, I do hope you go visit him or your local Home Depot.  Where ever you shop, enjoy your weekend, the spring weather and making your place more visit ready.

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this deal is so sick, I thought it was a typo

Girlies circled this one twice
Home buyers love the look of stainless. This is a great time to upgrade.


Saturday, March 24, 2012

If You Haven't Grown Easter Grass Yet, There's Still Time

I've seen lots of posts about how to grow grass for Easter baskets and this year, I finally got my act together.  Keep in mind, I am the girl who totally forgot about baskets all together one year and had to swing into CVS on the way to MeMe's house.  Thank Goodness, the Girlies were such babies, they have no memory of it -- I blame sleep deprivation.

HowDoesShe has an egg-cellent tutorial with supply list and step by step instructions.  She also has cute pictures of baby posing with Easter grass -- that's why we do all this anyway-- for the cute pictures.
 Egg-cellent tutorial via How Does

Last Sunday, we went to Home Depot and got all the supplies we needed.   We also got flowers for 2 other Spring projects. We also got 2 awesome orange chairs for the front porch.  As you can tell, we love Home Depot!

Our little project turned into an all-neighborhood attraction.

Middle Girlie was the garden helper.
This is her "bunny rabbit" face

For the first 2 days, it really just looked like dirt.  Then on Wednesday night, there was one single blade of grass...out of all four trays...still not too exciting.  But on Thursday morning, BOOM.

Now, we are ready for Easter!

I was feeling bad because some people had their grass growing for St. Patrick's Day tablescapes.  Now, I'm telling you, there is still time.  This bag of seed was under $7. The trays were under a dollar each.
via Home

My girls were excited about planting. Now they are excited about watering.  They are busy deciding what they are going to use their colorful pails for in their colorful bedrooms.  They haven't mentioned candy one time so far!  I can't wait to take pictures with them and their colored eggs!  Hope you're having this much fun getting visit ready this Spring.

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Spring Transition 3 of 3

My January mantle was a study in minimalism (and hanging a frame too high).

Don't be afraid of multiples.  If you are staging your home, a series of modern candle holders can bring interest to a space without looking busy. I'm just ready for something a little more homey.

So, I planted some snapdragons in tall glass vases. Then covered the dirt layer with a bit of leftover white on white damask wrapping paper.

I covered some random hardback books in plain white butcher paper. Back in the day, my mom used to help me cover all my school books with Piggly Wiggly grocery bags.  It will prolly be a lost art now that kids can Kindle all their textbooks.  This gives a clean look and adds height.  I wrote out John 3:16 on the spines using a metallic marker -- just a little bling.  The cross was 50% off last week in the Spring Shop at Hobby Lobby.

The rabbits I got last year after Easter for 75% off because they were covered in fat flakes of iridescent glitter.  It took an hour on the back deck with a toothbrush & Brillo pad (and two showers after), but they turned out so pretty.  [I do wish I had a before picture of those "what were they thinking" lovelies.]

The white frame was a gift and I added a cream flower.  Earlier this year, Baby Girlie chopped off her hair.  I was distraught, and could only find solace in making fancy headbands for her to wear.  This flower was one that I got from Michael's to attach to a plain white head band.  On the back it had a hair clip and pin. So, I was able to stick the pin into the edge of the wooden frame

The plain black frame needed to be greened up a bit.  HL had all their garlands on 50% off.  I really thought about getting this $12.99 pack, but it looked awfully "half off of $12.99".   I'm really glad I sprang for the nicer garland.  I was able to cut off the longest tendrils and still have a pretty decent looking garland to use later on another project.  This color of green really does look richer.

 I just laid out the the pieces of greenery over the frame so that the ends overlapped.  I used green floral wire to attach it.  Then, I just fluffed it out a bit all around. I wanted it to look like teenage boy hair -- really messed up in a very specific way.

It turned out with a nice balance of light and dark.  There are touches of green and by next week, there should be more pink & white when the snapdragons bloom.  I hope you are enjoying the springing of Spring at your house, too.

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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spring Transition - 2 of 3

These before pictures may be a little shocking. Those with heart conditions may want to look away.  Please lead small children out of the room.  OK, they're not that bad.

My January decorating style in these areas went way more minimalist than I had realized.  When I took these pictures, the nicest word I could come up with -- stark.  I really over do at Christmas.  This apparently was the sorbet, the palette cleanser, I needed to recover from the invasion of nutcrackers and greenery.
This vase is from a Southern Living house party
I have used it every day for 4 years
I love this table in our entryway.  My great-grandfather made it and painted it a long time ago. I love the patina -- it ain't the age boys, its the miles!  My mother had a tablecloth over it, because it looked "too shabby." Well, after she uttered that silly phrase, she lost custody and this has been my baby ever since.  I filled my favorite glass vase with hazelnut coffee and a candle.  It made me want to start a fresh pot every time I walked down the hallway.

You'll also notice my nemesis, the ceiling fan remote attached to the wall (as if one ugly light switch is not ugly enough.)

via Pinterest

  • If you're getting ready to list your home, you should have some sort of a welcome statement at your main entrance. Even if you don't have a real foyer, a skinny table like this or even a floating shelf would work.

  • You would want a piece of neautral art or framed mirror instead of the family picture I'm using here.

  • This pin shows a great way to use an old table, yard sale find or goodwill treasure if you have a small entry space.

  • Make sure you leave several Realtors' business cards on your entry table -- it makes people think lots of people are looking at your property.

You'll want to limit your accessories while you are staging.  I get to go a little Easter Bunny crazy because we are renting instead of staging.

I love the way that cut tulips droop in the most elegantly lazy way.  The problem is that cut flowers do not last as long as my enthusiasm for Spring.  Since Hobby Lobby had all their flowers on 50% off this week, I decided to try getting that lazy fresh look with the fakies that will make it all the way though Lent.

First, I clipped them off that spikey stem deally thing.  Then twisted and bent and shuffled them around till they look rather pretty -- I think.

They cover the switch plate that we don't use -- yay!  The obnoxiously huge, droopy silk bow also covers the wiry, fake stems.  My Charleston sweet grass basket holds all the necessities and reminds me of SC just as I am heading out the door (usually 15 minutes late and hollering at Girlies).

I wanted real flowers on our kitchen table, though.  I had this rustic, wooden trough that I'm pretty sure came with a set of bath products.  It was not anywhere near water tight. So, I used a huge garbage can liner. I planted these hot pink cyclamen from Home Depot -- this time of year they should just pay us in garden supplies.  Then we filled in with extra potting soil and trimmed the plastic back from around the edges.

Middle Girlie was my garden helper and then decided just how many eggs we needed to place around the edges. She was very particular about the placement of the colors.  Now she is very particular about watering them. That's good, because, I still hold the Target record for the most live plants damaged out in one month -- they were not so live after I got done with them.

taking a picture of my cell didn't turn out
perfect, but you get the idea

If you need extra help with your planting, make sure to scan this crazy symbol with your blackberry or smart phone (ScanLife is the ap I use).  It gives you way more advice than they could fit on the pick tag.

 I know I need as much help as I can get for these brown thumbs.

Whether you are staging your home for sale or just trying to live a little more visit ready, I hope you "bloom where you are planted."

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Spring Transition - 1 of 3

Those of you who live along the Gulf Coast know that we really don't have seasons. Correction, we have two seasons: Summer and New Year's Day.  No snow shoveling for me.

I'm a Carolina girl and I like it that way.  However, when decorating, I like to pretend  that we need to snuggle up for the winter time.  I fill the living room with warm colors and nubby textures.  I put almost all the sea shells away.  It is by no means a mountain cabin, but it ties me over between Christmas and Easter.

Today I have the doors wide open and I could start working on my sun tan. So, it is time to transition to spring/summer.  This large ledge on top of my TV cabinet goes first, because it greets you coming in the door and  it is the high point of the living room.  Truth be told, we watch a little too much television. Damn you, SyFy channel and your Powerful Monday nights.  So, I look at this spot a lot.  I'm returning the deer horns to Hunky Husband and bringing back the seashells.

The wicker chair comes back out of the guest room. The green vintage chair will really make that room feel more pulled together.  I'm thinking about making some green trellis curtain panels for this window.  I saw some fabric I liked at Hobby Lobby, but I have the worst luck with things being gone when I go back for them.  Till then, I do love the light that streams in through this white sail cloth.

not much happens around here without a little cheesy grin, or twirling,  or both.

I have loved having my new & pillows, but they will trade out with the new ones I told y'all about in this post.

The pineapple pillows will be emerging from their winter slip covers.

Even our little coffee table tray gets a summery touch.

Since I was in such a springy mood today, I went to Target to start my spring mantle.  When what to my wandering eyes should appear, but 6 dark chocolate, sure fit, soft suede, short dining chair slip covers on the clearance end cap. Some cute girl ordered these online for $14.99 a piece, but returned them to the store (only one had even been opened).  Lucky for me, when Target doesn't have a space for online only items, they mark them down stupid low -- %75 off, $3.76 each!

These will look great next year when I  pretend it is winter again.  More importantly, I can use them for a pattern to make the summer version out of bleachable, oxy cleanable, white cotton duck fabric.  Double score.

If your home is on the market, make sure you update for the seasons.  You don't need easter bunnies or spring grass growing on the mantle -- even though that is my next post.  You should make sure that your art and accessories lighten and brighten the space.  Put away throw blankets and plan to bring in green plants or fresh flowers for weekends & open house.  Every little thing helps when you are getting visit ready.

remember, this is 1 of 3-- that bunny is hippity hopping this way,
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Friday, March 9, 2012

Make Room Floor Plans

The Make Room program makes me ten foot tall and bullet proof. I am Hercules. I am She-Rah Princess of Power. I am Vern Yip with sublime space planing! OK, that went a little far, maybe I could be Genevieve, but my space plans now look all VERN YIPy!

Nobody gets this excited about a floor plan program. I do. If you had seen some of the sketches I've given to Hunky Husband through the years, you would know he is excited about it, too (as excited as HH gets about anything besides bullets.)  I've always been creative and crafty.  I even took a pretty wide swing at 8th grade art. However, once I started "making little squares" on the computer screen in yearbook staff, I never looked back.
Candice Olson Devine Design via HGTV

So, when my mind starts racing, my hands just don't keep up.  In my head, it is all so Candice Olson.  On the paper it looks more like hieroglyphics.  Through the years, my mom and HH have gotten used to deciphering the idea behind my drawings. With mom there is a lot of discussion and hand gestures and usually some vanilla ice cream.  Hunky Husband just takes the drawing to his desk and makes a detailed engineering diagram complete with measurements and cut list (and he vacuums, don't drool ladies).

Working with my client Kennedy, (from 4 states away) I can't just walk into his living room and gesture my way through this one.  Lots of designers do virtual consulting, but as a baby business owner, this is my first try. This free program makes it so easy to get my ideas across in a clear, professional manner.  I never even had to go to Kennedy's place.  His house plan was on the builder's web site, complete with a lot of the measurements I needed.

Kennedy has a very specific happy problem. He found an incredible 3 piece set of leather furniture at Sam's Club for under $1000. He bought two. Seating for eight:2 couches, 2 chairs, 2 ottomans.  So, we are adding painted tables, light (but heavily patterned) rug, and light drapes. We all know how I feel about pillows. It is on!
Love this buffet as closed storage/sofa table by PerfectlyImperfect

Moving things around virtually is a lot easier than in real life. So, we've played with some options. I so wish my mother had this program. She is more old school -- put the furniture on blankets and drag it around till it fits. More than once we came down the stairs in the morning only to stub a toe on the couch that had mysteriously moved across the room in the dark of night.

We are emailing these plans back and forth with notes.  You could email your plans to yourself. Then you could access it from any computer. If you have any problems accessing it, open the file with Paint,crop it, and save the image as a jpg. Then you can even check it out on your smart phone or tablet.

Now, I have a happy problem.  I love this program so much I'm running around measuring every room in my house. I've set up measure/laptop appointments with two other clients this week.  Good thing my Girlies love Ramen Noodles so much, because dinner is not on my mind right now.

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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

New Business

my new logo
Most of the time, bloggers talk about things they know. That is why you read. To learn things from them that you would not know without them. or laugh or cry or get inspired.

Except, in order to just talk to you about the things I know (or the things that make me cry, laugh & get inspired by) I have to go through a lot of things I do not know.

HTML. link parties. buttons. rss feed.

Lucky for me, I was on yearbook staff in high school. It was a million years ago, but Summerville was a really big school and we had an awesome journalism program.  We had enough Mac computers and laser printers that it looked like we were landing the space shuttle.  In the early 90's, we were one of the first books to submit digital layouts. I wish I could go back and do it all over again with the fun toys efficient tools we have now.

That experience has helped me to embrace computers throughout my career in retail. Every time a new scheduling program would roll out, I would be tech support for the entire district. I could tell you some of the magic I worked on registers, but then I would have to kill you.

I've said all that to say this:

Thank you for coming back to read what I have to say about houses and decor even though the site looks a little different every time you come. I've been playing on Picnik.

Thank you for pinning my pillow, frame & art projects.  I'm finally getting a handle on the linky party madness.
thanx HoH for being my first feature

quick sew pillow

Thank you for "liking" my Facebook page. I've redone that stinkin cover 3 times and I'm still not quite happy with it.
Like my Facebook Page?

Thank you for sharing what you know in your blogs. 733-A Creative Blog showed me how to make my own QR code.  If you scan it with a smart phone, it takes you right to this site. I'm so geeky that it felt like my birthday!
thanx 733 for my own QR code

Thank you for hitting that RSS button. I had to sell my soul to Ivory Soap so she would make it work for me. I gave up wrastlin with it after an hour.

Follow Me on Pinterest Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
Thank you for giving this frazzled mom a place to come and share all the learning, laughing, crying, and inspiration. In between every post you see, I am learning more about this bloggy world so that I can get better at the sharing part.  Next I'm tackling MyDeco (for mood boards) and The Make Room (for floorplans).  Hope that helps me get this site a little more visit ready.

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