Friday, March 9, 2012

Make Room Floor Plans

The Make Room program makes me ten foot tall and bullet proof. I am Hercules. I am She-Rah Princess of Power. I am Vern Yip with sublime space planing! OK, that went a little far, maybe I could be Genevieve, but my space plans now look all VERN YIPy!

Nobody gets this excited about a floor plan program. I do. If you had seen some of the sketches I've given to Hunky Husband through the years, you would know he is excited about it, too (as excited as HH gets about anything besides bullets.)  I've always been creative and crafty.  I even took a pretty wide swing at 8th grade art. However, once I started "making little squares" on the computer screen in yearbook staff, I never looked back.
Candice Olson Devine Design via HGTV

So, when my mind starts racing, my hands just don't keep up.  In my head, it is all so Candice Olson.  On the paper it looks more like hieroglyphics.  Through the years, my mom and HH have gotten used to deciphering the idea behind my drawings. With mom there is a lot of discussion and hand gestures and usually some vanilla ice cream.  Hunky Husband just takes the drawing to his desk and makes a detailed engineering diagram complete with measurements and cut list (and he vacuums, don't drool ladies).

Working with my client Kennedy, (from 4 states away) I can't just walk into his living room and gesture my way through this one.  Lots of designers do virtual consulting, but as a baby business owner, this is my first try. This free program makes it so easy to get my ideas across in a clear, professional manner.  I never even had to go to Kennedy's place.  His house plan was on the builder's web site, complete with a lot of the measurements I needed.

Kennedy has a very specific happy problem. He found an incredible 3 piece set of leather furniture at Sam's Club for under $1000. He bought two. Seating for eight:2 couches, 2 chairs, 2 ottomans.  So, we are adding painted tables, light (but heavily patterned) rug, and light drapes. We all know how I feel about pillows. It is on!
Love this buffet as closed storage/sofa table by PerfectlyImperfect

Moving things around virtually is a lot easier than in real life. So, we've played with some options. I so wish my mother had this program. She is more old school -- put the furniture on blankets and drag it around till it fits. More than once we came down the stairs in the morning only to stub a toe on the couch that had mysteriously moved across the room in the dark of night.

We are emailing these plans back and forth with notes.  You could email your plans to yourself. Then you could access it from any computer. If you have any problems accessing it, open the file with Paint,crop it, and save the image as a jpg. Then you can even check it out on your smart phone or tablet.

Now, I have a happy problem.  I love this program so much I'm running around measuring every room in my house. I've set up measure/laptop appointments with two other clients this week.  Good thing my Girlies love Ramen Noodles so much, because dinner is not on my mind right now.

just bec

it is so easy to make these free floor plans.  they are so useful in planning any project. i'm linking up all over hoping you will try them, too.

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  2. I love the tips and I love that sofa back storage unit as well. so pretty. Thanks so much for linking up and sharing on Blissful and Domestic.

  3. you have the job i want!!! I think it is so much fun decorating and staging a house...we got so many ideas from visiting open houses that have professional touches...
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  4. Cool this is exactly what I needed. I'm beginning to makeover our living room and am trying to decide what furniture I want in there - what will fit. I'm logging in to Room Planner right now! :)

  5. That is very cool. I think I better not go there, though, because I could spend hours on something like that.

  6. Wow! I think I would play with it for hours! How fun!

  7. Hi. Found this from Homestories :) I am having trouble though saving it as a Jpeg file? Did you have that problem? I have tried exporting and just "save as" and the jpeg option isn't available. Am I missing something ? Probably! :)

    1. Jessica, try their email/share function. Email it to yourself. Then you can select the photo and save it as a jpg. It was very easy on my pc, but I have heard that this program is not very Apple friendly. Hope that helps.

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  9. Those were some amazing Home Plans that you showed here. They all look great!