Saturday, March 24, 2012

Spring Transition 3 of 3

My January mantle was a study in minimalism (and hanging a frame too high).

Don't be afraid of multiples.  If you are staging your home, a series of modern candle holders can bring interest to a space without looking busy. I'm just ready for something a little more homey.

So, I planted some snapdragons in tall glass vases. Then covered the dirt layer with a bit of leftover white on white damask wrapping paper.

I covered some random hardback books in plain white butcher paper. Back in the day, my mom used to help me cover all my school books with Piggly Wiggly grocery bags.  It will prolly be a lost art now that kids can Kindle all their textbooks.  This gives a clean look and adds height.  I wrote out John 3:16 on the spines using a metallic marker -- just a little bling.  The cross was 50% off last week in the Spring Shop at Hobby Lobby.

The rabbits I got last year after Easter for 75% off because they were covered in fat flakes of iridescent glitter.  It took an hour on the back deck with a toothbrush & Brillo pad (and two showers after), but they turned out so pretty.  [I do wish I had a before picture of those "what were they thinking" lovelies.]

The white frame was a gift and I added a cream flower.  Earlier this year, Baby Girlie chopped off her hair.  I was distraught, and could only find solace in making fancy headbands for her to wear.  This flower was one that I got from Michael's to attach to a plain white head band.  On the back it had a hair clip and pin. So, I was able to stick the pin into the edge of the wooden frame

The plain black frame needed to be greened up a bit.  HL had all their garlands on 50% off.  I really thought about getting this $12.99 pack, but it looked awfully "half off of $12.99".   I'm really glad I sprang for the nicer garland.  I was able to cut off the longest tendrils and still have a pretty decent looking garland to use later on another project.  This color of green really does look richer.

 I just laid out the the pieces of greenery over the frame so that the ends overlapped.  I used green floral wire to attach it.  Then, I just fluffed it out a bit all around. I wanted it to look like teenage boy hair -- really messed up in a very specific way.

It turned out with a nice balance of light and dark.  There are touches of green and by next week, there should be more pink & white when the snapdragons bloom.  I hope you are enjoying the springing of Spring at your house, too.

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