Friday, March 30, 2012

Spring Black Friday

Personal note first, my computer completely locked up on Monday night -- just before time to link up to all the fun parties.  First, Hunky Husband and I spent a while blaming each other.  Then, I spent a couple of days trying to fix it myself.  I ended up having to take it in to the Geek Squad and it will be with them for at least another week.  The entire week I walked around feeling like a part of me was gone, maybe not a limb, but at least an important finger.

Thanks to my Daddy, I now have a new laptop to work on.  Yes, I am a grown woman  with a checkbook and children, but I still call my father "Daddy" and he still gives me wonderful presents.  The last time he came to visit, I spent a little too much time in the office. With only one computer in the house, I also cut into my Girlies' time. Both offenses will be addressed with his most recent kind gift.

My Sistah is coming to town this weekend and I still have some major work to do before this place looks anywhere close to visit ready. So, no major projects to share.

This weekend Home Depot calls Spring Black Friday.  They are running some super deals.  We finally broke down and bought a new grill. Our old one didn't make the move and it has been tough going 8 months without one.  My grill pan needs a break.

As you can see, I have no advertising on my site, so I am not being paid to endorse them. However, Hunky Husband is one of those friendly experts in an orange apron.  They have been working hard all week to get ready.  So, I do hope you go visit him or your local Home Depot.  Where ever you shop, enjoy your weekend, the spring weather and making your place more visit ready.

just bec

this deal is so sick, I thought it was a typo

Girlies circled this one twice
Home buyers love the look of stainless. This is a great time to upgrade.


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