Monday, March 5, 2012

Kitchen Bench Inspiration

We really do love our kitchen table. I used to really love my neutral, microfiber, parsons chairs. That was two houses ago. They used to stand out against a very rich dining room wall.  Now, they are almost camouflaged against a neutral wallpaper (this one is a rental).

We bought these as a "temporary fix" 5 years ago -- just until I could decide what chairs would really be perfect.  In that house, we had an eat in kitchen and these were in a formal dining room that I used mostly for tablescapes.  We only sat in them about 3 times a year.  Now, these are the chairs we use every day.

Two of them moved to the office/computer room. My Girlies & their friends have been known to pile in 3 deep on both chairs to watch Netflix. The chairs are not doing well. When I sat down the other day, one made a strange sound -- I'm pretty sure they are not supposed to look like this:

Hunky Husband is very handy, but not even he can fix a spring that is completely broken in two.

So, I've been lookin and thinkin, thinkin and lookin.

I have a hand-me-down coffee table that I was going to turn into a bench for the end of my bed.  Well, we've been using it there, and the fabric is measured, but duck tape around the edges is your first clue that this project has been going nowhere for 6 months.
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This pin on parsons chair slip covers:
Imperfectly Polished via Pinterest
Led to this awesome project using oil cloth:
m.a.d.e. via Pinterest
Which reminded me of Sarah Richardson's oil cloth chairs, that I adore!
Sarah Richardson via Pinterest
So, when I saw this bench at the kitchen table covered in faux ostrich with nail head trim... reworked perfectly by Isabella & Max rooms... then I knew!
Max & Isabella Rooms via Pinterest
 I'll cover my bench in black oil cloth and slip cover the three best surviving chairs in (bleachable, oxy-cleanable) white duct fabric.  I'll take those slips to my favorite little gift shop, Sarah Jane's and have them monogrammed in black.

I found a great place to order oil cloth on line. The coffee table is built like a brick house and can hold up to anything the Girlies throw at it.  I already have the thick piece of foam (thanx, daddy)  and the staple gun & Velcro.  This project is going to be so fun! I might even go ahead and move the coffee table bench into the kitchen while I wait for the oil cloth to come.  Not exactly visit ready, but we're getting there.

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  1. Love your plan, Rebecca! And, the unique look of benches vs. chairs at the table! Monograms...another love! Have fun!