Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Black, White or Gold Bamboo Table?

During my Mommy's last visit, we went thrifting. She is a serious, take no prisoners Goodwill shopper. So, I knew we would find something good. What we found is that the pricing team at this location was awfully impressed with every single item -- more impressed than we were for sure.

Just about the time we had decided to pack it in and head to Hobby Lobby (the real happiest place on Earth), I spotted this treasure.  It had somehow escaped the crazy mark-up trend and was tagged for $4.99.  It had prolly been used on a patio or porch, and has quite a bit of damage character, especially on the top.  They did not charge extra for the cobwebs or the protective layer of dust.

enough cords showing?

It is a sturdy little table with a shelf and great detailing on the legs. I'm sure I will be able to use it in Bacon's house when we finally get to the staging stage.

For now, I'll be using it in my bedroom to replace this sad little make-do piece.  It was a stretch to use the bracing x under this table as a shelf where there really is no shelf. I do not enjoy highlighting the phone, modem and wires.  The tall Chinese figurines do not help distract from the ugly in the least.  Until I took this picture, I was in complete denial of what a colossal fail this really is.

We can do better, for sure.

At first, we thought about painting it black like these chairs that were featured in Coastal Living.  Problem is, I paint a lot of things black.  Especially in this bedroom, I've used black accents to tone down a lime sherbet green wall color that wouldn't have been my first choice.  Like I've said 437 times, this is a rental.  I also have dark furniture to start with.  In black, this table wouldn't be an accent, it would just disappear.

Coastal Living via Pinterest

Everyone seems to be moving in the "lighten & brighten" direction that is perfect for staging.  White is classic and clean and bold. This pin got me thinking maybe I should paint it white instead.
What the Vita via Pinterest

However, if I've learned one thing from Project Runway -- it is easy to make a cheap pair of black pants look expensive & it is just as easy to make an expensive pair of white pants look cheap.  The table these guys are painting is chunky and very bamboo-y. My little table and its puny little wraps may not hold up to the white of it all.  Even if it is cast-off patio furniture, I don't want it to look like cast-off patio furniture.

Which brings me back to Sarah Richardson. Yes, my obsession for her should be medicated, but as long as I don't move to Canada and become all stalkerish, I think we will all be OK. She did a bright yellow & white scheme in an office that I dearly love.  Nothing in my house is nearly this white or bright, but it got me thinking.
Sarah Richardson design Portfolio via Pinterest

My little table might look nice in gold.  These Hollywood regency tables are petite like my little table and they are beautiful.  They have black glass tabletops. I was thinking that I would put a black tray on top of mine. That way I get the sparkle of the gold without having to look at all the damage charm of its well worn loved surface.  Gold it is!
The Modern Historic Etsy store via Pinterest

Our bedroom is the one room that hasn't been eaten alive by brushed nickel or silver metallics.  So, the gold will be the glimmer among all the black and white. It will also coordinate with this little chinese cabinet I use as my nightstand.

It is my favorite garage sale find of all times. The lady selling it was asking $60. I offered half that, "as long as you don't tell my husband I paid $30."  She accepted, "as long as you don't tell my husband I sold it for $30." Feminomics at its best.

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