Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spring Transition - 1 of 3

Those of you who live along the Gulf Coast know that we really don't have seasons. Correction, we have two seasons: Summer and New Year's Day.  No snow shoveling for me.

I'm a Carolina girl and I like it that way.  However, when decorating, I like to pretend  that we need to snuggle up for the winter time.  I fill the living room with warm colors and nubby textures.  I put almost all the sea shells away.  It is by no means a mountain cabin, but it ties me over between Christmas and Easter.

Today I have the doors wide open and I could start working on my sun tan. So, it is time to transition to spring/summer.  This large ledge on top of my TV cabinet goes first, because it greets you coming in the door and  it is the high point of the living room.  Truth be told, we watch a little too much television. Damn you, SyFy channel and your Powerful Monday nights.  So, I look at this spot a lot.  I'm returning the deer horns to Hunky Husband and bringing back the seashells.

The wicker chair comes back out of the guest room. The green vintage chair will really make that room feel more pulled together.  I'm thinking about making some green trellis curtain panels for this window.  I saw some fabric I liked at Hobby Lobby, but I have the worst luck with things being gone when I go back for them.  Till then, I do love the light that streams in through this white sail cloth.

not much happens around here without a little cheesy grin, or twirling,  or both.

I have loved having my new & pillows, but they will trade out with the new ones I told y'all about in this post.

The pineapple pillows will be emerging from their winter slip covers.

Even our little coffee table tray gets a summery touch.

Since I was in such a springy mood today, I went to Target to start my spring mantle.  When what to my wandering eyes should appear, but 6 dark chocolate, sure fit, soft suede, short dining chair slip covers on the clearance end cap. Some cute girl ordered these online for $14.99 a piece, but returned them to the store (only one had even been opened).  Lucky for me, when Target doesn't have a space for online only items, they mark them down stupid low -- %75 off, $3.76 each!

These will look great next year when I  pretend it is winter again.  More importantly, I can use them for a pattern to make the summer version out of bleachable, oxy cleanable, white cotton duck fabric.  Double score.

If your home is on the market, make sure you update for the seasons.  You don't need easter bunnies or spring grass growing on the mantle -- even though that is my next post.  You should make sure that your art and accessories lighten and brighten the space.  Put away throw blankets and plan to bring in green plants or fresh flowers for weekends & open house.  Every little thing helps when you are getting visit ready.

remember, this is 1 of 3-- that bunny is hippity hopping this way,
just bec

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  1. We have seasons here in New England. This winter has been very mild. I love your seasonal changes. Looks wonderful.
    Stop by Mg blog for some spring changes.