Friday, February 10, 2012

New Pillows - Buy & Hack

making my leather club chairs more
coastal casual

OK, so you think I should change the name of this site to "Obsessed with Pillows." Sort of, I am. Also, this week a lot of pillow related activity just happened to coincide.

 In my defense, I am in a rental house -- no painting, no holes in the wall, no new flooring, no redoing the kitchen.  My creative energy is pouring into things that are mine and not attached to the walls. Thus, all the pillow talk.

My sweet Sistah and I were shopping after Christmas sales and saw these gorge-wah pillows.  However, we had trekked back to SC for the holidays. We were packed to the gills in Hunky Husband's truck with girlies, luggage and Christmas presents.  There was no way I could pack in anything else. 

I was strong. I walked away.  -I'm an oak.

my pillows featured on vendor ordering website - they are that awesome

After I got back to our time zone, the pillows haunted me. They sang in my dreams till I could no longer resist.  Luckily, Sistah ran back to the Tomlinson's warehouse store where we had seen them. The two I really wanted were there waiting for me.  She had to dig up in the rack for the turtle one, behind a comforter, but she found it. YAY!  My parents came to visit for the weekend and just delivered my precious to me.

Looking on line for a quality picture of them, I found out that I got a good deal on them, too. 
  • Suggested retail $52.
  • Sale price on line $39.75
  • Warehouse price $15.00 - a bit of a splurge for me, especially if you add in the gas of two trips to the store and my parents driving 11 hours to deliver them.

They are the perfect coastal vibe for my new living room.  They bring in more of the sea glass blue that I love (it keeps the green from taking over).  They are the last literal nautical items I will put in that room. Everything else will just have a casual and beachy vibe without going too themey. 

security tag so nobody stuffs
this pillow under their shirt
Now on to the hack.  When going to LaZBoy Furniture to buy my love couch (sofa with a chaise), I saw a flour sack pillow with a huge ampersand.  I know lots of people are on the &wagon now, but I have been a &stalker since the 90's. 

It was a very simple square pillow with a kind of loose fit. The form inside was pretty wimpy. We had lots of technical difficulties ordering the love couch. I didn't have a chance to include the pillow that day. When I went back in to check on delivery, I figured I would pick up a couple to go in my pair of leather club chairs. Imagine my shock when the tag said $75 each! I snapped a quick picture so that I could come home and hack it for a tenth of that. Sorry about the quality of the pic, I wasn't blogging yet and I was still suffering from a major case of the you-must-be-frakin-kiddin-me's.

I was all set to make an exact copy when I found this art piece on Pinterest.  You can buy a framed print of it from the artist on Etsy.  It was easy enough to turn it to outline on picnik (still free till April 19, 2012).  That saves a lot of printer ink.  I enlarged it on my printer and now it is all ready to cut, color & sew.  This is going to be a free project because I'm using the inserts from the match-the-couch pillows and stealing one of Hunky Husband's drop cloths.  You'll see a tutorial next week.

enjoy your weekend,

just bec

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