Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Vintage Comfy Green Chair

This is my first Mardis Gras season living here on the Gulf Coast. Wow! This is the longest Tuesday ever, because it started three weeks ago.  There have been parades and festivals and street parties and gumbo and about a million moon pies.  Lucky for me and my (BFF who became my) client Tiane, there are also Antique store sales. 

I've been going to Coastal Charm's Nifty Thrifty Tuesday parties and she mentioned that her booth at Cotton City Antiques would be having some deep discounts over the weekend.  My address may say FL, but anyone who has been to Pensacola knows this is really LA -- Lower Alabama.  So, Tiane, Baby Girlie and I set out for a fun day of junque shopping.  True, we passed 14 other antique stores along the way, but we were women on a mission.

via coastal charm
All was well until we got to Mobile and the tunnel into town was closed because of the parade. Thank God for GPS. I had not been to Mobile, well, I had been through it on the interstate, but that is not at all the same thing.  We were charmed by the beautiful historic homes on the way in to the shop.  Most of them were decorated in purple, green & yellow.  Some of them were having lovely yard parties before/after the parade.  Note to self: make friends with yard party throwing type sweeties in Mobile historic district. 

We were also charmed by Coastal Charm Interiors -- hers is the first booth on the left when you enter. She has all the coastal, industrial, chippy, perfectly imperfect stuff I just love.  We went around the huge space about 4 times.  I only had to call Baby by her first and second name about 4,000 times.  The ladies there were so kind and helpful and we SCORED!
of course this will all fit in the back of my Explorer

Tiane is planning a bar to go in her family room.  That room is right off the main living room and opens to the deck & pool. We found a gorgeous, old, lit, curio cabinet with beveled, leaded glass sides & doors. It will mount nicely on the wall with a couple of french cleats.  I can't wait to see her glassware sparkling in there.

Then we found 3 adorable bar stools.  Baby made sure that they spin - check.  They have a silver rail around the bottom for a foot rest.  The legs have a bamboo detail that is going to be so precious when we paint them out.  I promise I'll have pictures soon, we'll do a whole post about sanding, painting & installation.

I had a bit of a rush crush on this vintage green chair.  However, it was right by the front door. Apparently, I am the girl on "Say Yes to the Dress" who wants to try on more dresses.  But even after the forth lap, this chair was still dark and dreamy and comfy and ... well.. perfect.  It was also 50% off.  Now Mardis Gras is officially my favorite holiday. Bring on the king cake!

When I got it home I realized that it perfectly matches some Asian inspired pottery pieces I already had. Dontcha just love when that happens? 

Please enjoy your Fat Tuesday and your shopping days that don't even need a holiday.  I hope you find the perfect piece to make your place more visit ready.

just bec

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  1. Oh, I'm so happy that you made the trip over to shop at Cotton City and happy that you found some goodies...that chair is so cool!!! I'm working hard trying to get more furniture ready for my space, sold a lot of it over the weekend.