Friday, February 3, 2012

Not a Recipe Blog

You are not going to get a lot of recipes from me.  I try to cook almost every night, but mostly it is whatever tells me to.  I do not bake. Ever.

For Big Girlie's 5th birthday, I brought Publix cupcakes and juice boxes to her class.  The teacher loved them and complimented her on the flavor. Even in kindergarten, girlie knew the facts. She answered, "Yep, my mommy bought these soooo good."

I may not be a pastry chef, but I am a problem solver.  Big girlie doesn't like frosting (or cheese -- healthy by nature, weird, I know).  You would think it would make it easier, but how do you decorate cake without frosting? When I go to buy her class cupcakes every year, the ladies at the bakery give me the strangest look as I ask for one cupcake with no frosting.  Last year she got a bunt cake with the candles that spell out "Happy Birthday." 

You do not need the recipe for this. I had 3 eggs.

These were so cute.  They are shaped like hearts.

The hardest part is getting these off the paper.

And keeping baby sister out of the extra marshmallows.

do not ask why there is a lego on the stove.
You can't really call brownies with candy and marshmallows a healthy alternative. They are just an alternative, a yummy, cute alternative. Happy Birthday, Baby!

Next post we will be back to staging, I promise. Pillows. Its all about cheap pillows.

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