Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Organize in February

Everyone knows on New Years Day, you are supposed to go on a diet and organize your whole house. My secret is to wait till the middle of February to organize.  I wait till the 5th of never to go on a diet. This has nothing to do with my deep ceded need to procrastinate and self-handicap. It is purely a thrifty strategy, well mostly.

Retailers know we all get the itch to clean out and organize at the beginning of the year. So, they feed our storage solution habit with cubes, boxes, tubs and label makers.  Once the feeding frenzy for Sterlite has subsided (and we are all snacking on Valentine's cupcakes), they start marking down.  All those color coordinated cubes, boxes and tubs are now 50% - 75% off.

Today I found a three pack of storage cubes for $3.50! Whaaaat!?! Our WalMart had a whole end cap full of them. They still had all the colors available (black, red, purple & blue). I picked up three black packs for my utility room and two red packs for my Christmas closet.

Hampton Design via Pinterest

I used to love these dollar tree bins. I still love my
p-touch lable maker, but it is time for an upgrade
Our utility room is not one of those palatial laundry lounges you see on Pinterest.  But, it is the pass through from our fun driveway parties into our kitchen.  Back door friends are best. All our friends walk right through it instead of the front door.  I think the black bins will do the trick to class it up just enough. 

I also bought a few extra packs for staging -- OK, I cleared the entire end cap of all the black ones.  When you are staging for a sale, there are lots of places that need a little organization.  Bins and baskets (coordinated and well placed) can show off storage spaces.  Every buyer wants light, space and storage.  I will use these a million times (under cabinets, in closets, in utility rooms, in offices, for teen rooms) over the next few years.

The purple ones were cute, too.  I may head back to pick up one pack for Baby Girlie.  She is the queen of purple and rarely gets anything of her own that hasn't been passed down through two big sisters.

Now I have to get busy on that swirling ball of chaos and ribbon I call a Christmas closet. Thrifty Decor Chick is showing off whole rooms/spaces on the third Monday of each month at her Show Us Your House link party. February will be highlighting closets. This is a horrible BEFORE. Let's see if I can get an AFTER worked out by 2/20/12. Tackle an avalanche hazard in your house or show off your visit ready closet.

see you there,

just bec

here's the rest of the show us your house schedule. i'll link to them as they happen so you can check them out. what can i say? i'm a chick groupie from way back. squeezie love!

February: Closets

March: Kitchens

April: Dining rooms

May: Nursery/Kids rooms

June: Outdoor spaces

July: Bathrooms

August: Family rooms

September: Basements/rec rooms

October: Bedrooms (guest or master)

November: Foyers

December: We’ll play it by ear ;)

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