Thursday, February 16, 2012

We Bring Order to Chaos

My friends Manisha, Heather & Suzanne proved that cheerleaders are not dumb.  In high school, they cheered, but they were also in:  National Honor Society, Beta Club, Yearbook  Staff, Mu Alpha Theta, and about 50 other activities while making straight A's.  GO GREENWAVE!  I was not a cheerleader (believe me, nobody wanted to see me in one of those little skirts), but I often use "Cheerleader Honor Graduate" to describe my personality.

Everyone who ever worked with me in retail will tell you it is true.  I loved the numbers, stats and systems --geeky.  Once I pulled reports for the week, month, district, YTD or comp it always ended up translated into a brightly colored bulletin board --rah rah!  I love my lable maker -- order. Everything has to be color coded -- pretty.  Most of the major problems of my life have first been addressed with a trip to the post-it, highlighter, colored thumbtack area of Office Depot.

lists of lists was not helping keep linky land in order

Somehow, I thought blogging would be different.  With all the typing and clicking, I just assumed that the structure would be digital.  As I started trying to link up to all your wonderful linky parties, I realized that I would in fact need to impose some brightly colored order to my digital life.

little birdie secrets via pinterest


I had already used this Pinterest idea to make a picture frame as a dry erase board. However, there are a lot of parties on Monday and that day alone was taking up the whole frame. I also needed more detail than I could get with the fat dry erase marker. I also needed some of my info to stay put while part of it needed to be erased.

via pinterest

I found this Pinterest idea using an old window frame and paint chips.  I do love me some paint chips.

It lead me to my final board, using a poster frame.  I think the last time I bought one of these it was for a picture of Kirk Cameron.  Each day has its own color of mini post-it notes. On each post-it I can include the name of the site, the name of the party, the day & time they usually post the party. 

All that info stays pretty constant and I do not want to have to rewrite it every week.  So it goes under the plastic -- then I don't loose any of those little notes either.  It also prevents short people at my house from trying to rearrage them.

Then, on top of the plastic I can keep track of two different projects that I am posting all over linky land.  I list what number my project is posted in each party. 

The first week, when I was just sticking my big toe in the water, most of my posts were in the 400 - 500 range.  As I got better at tracking when parties were opened, my latest project is posting in the top 20 or so.  That does make a big difference in how much traffic I've been getting.

Like I said, there are a lot of parties on Monday, the rest of the week, I ended up with a huge empty space on my board.  It is the perfect place for my floating to do list (in purple).  As my ideas go from project, to photos, to writing, to linking, I can move them around on top of the plastic. 

You'll prolly use this idea for some other need, but at least 700 of you also keep track of when to Hook up with HoH. It works great for calendars.  Any time you have to keep some info and wipe away the rest, keep this idea in mind.  When you are checking out all those linky parties, keep an eye out for me. or drop by and  follow visit ready. or like me on facebook. or leave a comment.

i'll be your best friend,

just bec

i'm checking "my blogs" every five minutes while i write this, because two parties should be opening soon.

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  1. I love this idea! Thank you so much for sharing. Do you really notice a difference in traffic when you get into a link party early? I'm still new so I wasn't quite sure, but it makes sense. I'm following. Stop by any time. Thanks again for sharing!

  2. excellent question! i'm still really new at this, too. the first few weeks i only did a couple of link parties, just to get the practice. it didn't matter if was #527 as long as i got the picture to load.

    the (get in the top of the party) advice comes from Allison @ House of Hepworths. she is very successful and has a big link party.

    i have seen a big difference. good luck in all you are doing. thanx for following. now my mom won't feel so lonely

  3. Looks like you are on top of things - as far as blogging goes! Great ideas~

  4. That means so much coming from you. Thank you, Miss Ducks in a Row.

  5. Rebecca- great idea. I've found that other than getting a feature from the link party (yay and tons of traffic) linking in the top is pretty important. If only I could coordinate my small ones schedules with that...

    You have word verification on your comments, just fyi. Might want to take it off so it's easier for people to comment.

  6. Great idea, Bec! I wouldn't want anyone to see my system! Actually, it wasn't a system at all just winging it, which resulted in only joining one or two parties!

  7. I so need to be more on top of this than I am. It just seems like there is so much life going on when many blog parties open. Aw well...someday. Thanks for the inspiration.


  8. These are great tips for a new blogger like me! I will have to pay better attention to the start time of the link parties on the blogs that I follow.

    Thanks for sharing your system!

    Claire @

  9. This is such a great idea! Thanks for sharing!! I'm your newest follower! :)

  10. Great idea! I keep a list of mine on my blog too with their links. It makes it fast and easy to get to. I don't really have the time to stress out about getting to the party "first" so I just get there when I can :) Thanks for sharing!

  11. This is so smart! I'm so tired of writing it all down in my spiral. Thank you so much. Saw you at The Blackberry Vine and following you via Linky.

  12. Great idea - I am completely winging these linky parties and often I am often checking back through the link on my post. I guess it works, but I would love to be a bit more organized.

  13. This is super cool. Great blog. I am following you. Would love to see you at My Dream Canvas.

  14. Great idea! And thanks for the mention in your post! I admit, I am such a slacker with link parties, but I use to do them every day of the week. They were so hard to keep track of! You always want to be in the top 5! Your system is great. :)

  15. Too fun! What a great idea! And I think it's awesome that you're both creative and analytical! You get to enjoy the best of both worlds! :)