Friday, January 20, 2012

Bad MLS Photos = Good Laugh

The Germans have a word for laughing at the misfortune of others. My tall skinny Sistah could pronounce it, but I took Spanish.  (If you need to order quesedillas or "dos cervesas, por favor," I'm your girl.) A picture's worth a thousand words in any language. The bad real estate pictures Miss Julia has on her site, Hooked on Houses are good for a thousand laughs.

jungle theme gone way too far via hooked on houses

My three little girlies would like to personally thank her.  We had a wonderful afternoon of them sitting on my lap and laughing out loud.  My middle baby is the expert on everything, so she ran the mouse and did all the clicking.  She repeated about 50 times "That doesn't even make any sense." 

If a 6 year-old can figure out how bad these spaces/photos looked, how did any of them make it into the Multiple Listing System?  That means all of these pictures were either taken by Real Estate professionals or at least submitted by them. 

via pinterest
Some people are so attached to their stuff that they can't see the forest for all the crazy trees.  That is why a stager can help.  We look at your space with fresh eyes.  My blog is all about giving you advice on doing some of this yourself.  If you are reading DIY web sites and Pinterest, chances are, you can do many projects yourself.  The first step, the hardest one, the one that a professional stager can help with, is letting go.  Be brave enough to see your home through the eyes of the buyer.

My little stager heart began to feel bad for these people. Then, I saw the office in the Master Bathroom and laughed so hard, I had to go to the bathroom.  Well, I have had three babies, so that happens, but not enough for me to move a desk in there!

from hooked on houses
Before you try to sell or rent your home, please keep these funnies in mind.  Please don't end up on this page. It is the real estate equivalent of showing up on an episode of COPS in your white undershirt. Miss Julia will find you. My girlies & I will eat popcorn while we laugh.

just bec

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