Thursday, January 19, 2012

Tension Rods with Finials -- Rental Angels Sing!

Seriously. Cute curtain rods with finials that fit inside the window casing and do not damage walls or trim.  Under $10 per window. New Love.

The first time we saw these, Mommy and I thought we were dreaming. She had come down to help us move into our dream rental in Florida. We are contractually obligated to stop putting holes in walls.  That put a real crimp in my style. I am a window treatment in every room, spend too much on finials, hang 'em high kinda girl. Then we walk down the window hardware aisle at Wal-Mart, and there they are -- with a little halo effect and choir added in during post production -- Twist &Fit Decorative Curtain Rod.

My mind began to race.  These are perfect for:
  • dorm rooms
  • apartments or rental houses
  • staging a room without having to go back and repair the wall
  • covering a bad view with sheers while still highlighting character of molding
  • saving old plaster walls from damage that nobody wants to repair
Why have we never heard of these?  Excitement. Nervous giggles. Can it really be true? So, we bought 3 sets and held on to the receipt for dear life.  We've installed them in all the bedrooms and they are really that amazing. Instead of a return, I ordered more on line (they didn't have the pretty brushed nickle in my store).
big girlie's sleep curtain

Oh yes, it is true. They are perfect for our windows that have no trim around them.  They even hold up the heavy, blackout sleep curtains in my big girlie's room 

The website picture shows them fitting nicely into windows with wide trim.  My parents have beautiful windows that are white vinyl (energy efficient, easy to clean, blah, blah) on the outside. On the inside they are oak (warmth & beauty of real wood oooohhh). So these rods show off the trim and the window treatments a million times better than cheesy little tension rods.

No offense to the genius who figured out how to use tension rods to hang cleaners under the sink or stand up pot lids inside the cabinet. I'm just not a fan of the look on windows. 

  • Without sewing, they make all kinds of things into curtains:  flat sheets, pillow cases, pillow shams, table cloths, place mats. 
  • They can add fancy pinch pleats into plain window treatments.
  • They slide easily on any rod. Hunky Husband has this weird thing about curtains actually functioning -- weirdo.
  • They add just enough length to let standard size panels brush the floor instead of looking like high-water jeans.
  • They can even make curtains shorter.  These curtains were 108" in my old living room and are now 84" in my bedroom thanks to curtain ring magic. hollah

Sometimes, when you combine two things you love, you get chocolate martinis or Boston Rob on The Amazing Race -- WINNING. Sometimes, you just get The Situation on Dancing with the Stars -- total train wreck.

When I put my old favorite rings on my new favorite rod -- epic fail.

I love the dreamy effect of these white curtains in my guest room. Guess I will have to bite the bullet and pull out the sewing machine to get the look I want.

For the record, I'm not doing an advertisement for Wal-Mart. I just really frakin love these rods and hope you will, too. I have entered a 12 step program for my curtain ring addiction, but even the Serenity prayer won't help me if I find them on clearance at Bed Bath & Beyond.

just bec

adding this to an awesome linky party at House of Hepworths.  almost 500 different links & projects to check out. i am #457, because hunky husband let me sleep all day.  sorry, naps are precious.  wouldn't trade it for the world.  i'll set the alarm next week.


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  1. this is my first time ever being a bing result! thanx to whoever typed in "decorative curtain rods at wal-mart.

  2. Thanks for the great tip about the tension rods. I had no idea!

    Also, on the down-low, I always post my party late Wednesday night. :) Now you can get a head start!

    1. Thank you for being so supportive to all 627 of us who post at your party. I'm getting ready to build shelves in a client closet because you did such a great tutorial.

  3. These are new to me, too, never heard of them! great idea.

  4. Wow! Thanks for sharing this product! :)

  5. These are great - I had a similar problem a few years ago and found magnetic rods. They were my solution for a set of exterior metal french doors. I also love your showcase of curtain rings. I have a few sets of those that I'm hoping to use to create a replacement curtain for our (very ugly) vertical blinds. Thanks for sharing your ideas!

  6. It is amazing what you learn via bloggers!

    Great post and I've enjoyed reading your comments too!

    Best wishes,
    Natasha In Oz

  7. Haha, I agree with Natasha's comment!

  8. I love these rods. I haven't seen these before. I will have to check them out. Thanks so much for linking up and sharing on Blissful and Domestic.

  9. Awesome tip! Love it! And again, you are tooooo funny!

  10. Wow, wish I'd seen these (or known they existed) about 8 years ago. I have so many holes in my walls around my windows because the crummy walls will not hold curtains up. Going on my shopping list!

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