Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Jumping In -- first post

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We've all heard of jumping in the deep end. Well, starting to blog, I feel more like I'm jumping into Black River, on one of those ropes with a knot tied in it. I'm excited.  I'm sure some of my redneck friends are on the riverbank cheering for me.  I can't see what I'm going to fall into and I'm just praying I don't land on a stump. I also hope my bathing suit doesn't fall off, but that may be taking this metaphor just a little too far.

My best friend "Ivory Soap" has been blogging for years. You can check her out at littlehouseinthesuburbs.com -- she is amazing.  She is the most brilliant person I have ever known.  She is an author, scientist,  counselor and bible know-it-all.  Now she is homeschooling her children, too. Like my other blog hero thriftydecorchick, she has sponsors, contests, and link parties. I know there are a million blogs and new people are starting every day. In my head I know that. But, that first day freshman in my heart told me there was no way I could. I am no Ivory Soap lady.

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This fall, I took my three daughters to visit Ivory and her four children. We were having a long talk about my past career as a retail manager (LOFT Outlet, Ann Taylor Factory Store, Ross & Target). Since my coming home to do the domestic goddess thing, she has been my biggest cheerleader. I'm still trying to decide what I want to be when I grow up. We decided that I should point towards home staging. I love design & decor, but it is the problem solving that really appeals to me.

My first house after college was a 40 year old rental house that needed plenty of TLC. It had bullet holes in the ceiling. With Hunky Husband, I did all the decorating in our first house and then the staging to sell it. It sold in 3 days for over asking price (don't you miss 2007?). Two more designed and sold houses later, we have recently moved to Pensacola. Almost all my new friends are in the military. So, I'll get plenty of practice helping them get ready to sell while I rebuild my inventory of treasures and slowly start a business here.  Then she throws it out there, "and you should blog about it."

Sure. Picture me shivering & sweating. For the next 3 months.

Then enters my new obsession.  My name is Rebecca and I am addicted to Pinterest.  During our (way too many) hours together, it has lead me to lots of new blogs -- many of them only months old. Many of them are newer than the imaginary blog I've been writing in my head. Perhaps that sounds strange, but I had an imaginary iPod for at least 6 months before I purchased one. Every time I heard a good song, I would think, "if I had an iPod, I would sooo download this." My imaginary playlist is far superior to my real one.

Here's hoping that my real blog becomes as good as my imaginary one.

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  1. Welcome, Rebecca! Wishing you much success with your new blog!

  2. thank you so much, miss pam. i didn't think "real bloggers" would notice little old me. i appreciate your kind words and your great site!