Monday, January 16, 2012

Just Do It

 The word of the year is DO.

The word of the day is JOB.  J...O...B! Sorry, I hate when I get too close to the movie quote button.

Miss Layla at The Lettered Cottage is hosting a linky party to let everyone share their word for the year. It is a meditation point. A focus for your mind and spirit.  It is also an alternative to setting New Year's Resolutions.  Good, cause I'm kinda really awful at that.

So, in searching my soul I began with the word try.  This year, I am trying to do better and trying new things. Then my 8 year-old girlie and Master Yoda reminded me, "There is no try, there is DO and DO NOT."

Do is a supremely better word. It has been a running theme in my life.

 I am obsessed with Rosie the Riveter.  When we moved an entire time zone away from my family and hometown, I framed this post card in my kitchen. We needed to focus on the strength she embodies.  Hunky Husband is amazed at how well we are doing here -- in no small part to me talking to Rosie while I have my first 2 Diet Cokes.  My girlies know not to say "I can't."  We work together as a family and get things done. They may fight over the remote, but my 3 short people usually end up singing while they clean up their playroom.

I come from one of those tough redneck families they write country music about. If things need to be planned, shingled, fixed, dug, roofed, cooked, wired, cleaned, grown, welded, canned or driven across country, one of us can DO IT.  Of course, my uncles will fight about who did it better. Then my cousins will stand around a bonfire and laugh about how fun it was to do it. My aunts will be grilling something. Whoa. Now I'm homesick and hungry.

When I was in high school, the whole JUST DO IT thing really took off.  I covered my bedroom, then dorm room with Nike Posters.  I looked into having a swoosh tattooed on my foot. When asked what I wanted to do when I grew up, I said :
  • major in advertising
  • move to Seattle
  • work for Nike
  • run marathons
  • drink lots of coffee
Just so you know, I drink lots of coffee. That's about it. 

I still love Nike posters and if Pinterest is any indication. So do a gazillion other people. Just Do It is the title for hundreds of people's motivation & exercise/diet pin board. That is an advertising achievement up there with XEROX and JELLO and BAND-AID.

This year is about helping you do things in your home. All the things you listed when you moved in: the updating, the fixing, the brightening, the freshening, the expanding.  Do not wait till you are moving out to do what you want for your home. Do not make your home visit ready just in time to make yourself a visitor. LIVE IN YOUR SHOWHOUSE TODAY.

If you are selling or renting your home, do not just put out the sign and hope for the best.  Do not be afraid. There are so many things you can do besides sit by the phone and wait for an offer.  Like they say at Home Depot:

joy's hope via Pinterest
Turn your TO DO list, into a TO DONE list
You can DO IT, We can help
More Saving, More DOING

Well, now you see why Hunky Husband and I get along so well. We are totally on the same page. He does look better in orange, though.

This is the year to stop collecting slogans and get to work. 

nike via pinterest

Check out everyone else's words and find some motivation for yourself at TLC.

BTW Hunky Husband suggested my word should be SKA-DOOSH!  I thought that would be irritating by March (or next week as many times as he says it).  I do love the idea of unleashing the secret power within you using a silly word. If you haven't seen Kung Fu Panda, you should. I listened to it coming out of the headrest DVD player in my car about a thousand times first, but now that I've seen it -- two thumbs and one pinkie finger, way up!

just bec

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