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Add Personality When You Depersonalize

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It is one of the heartbreaking realities of getting your home ready to sell or rent, you have to DEPERSONALIZE. It really should be a 4 letter word.  As hard as it is, you have to take down the third-grade picture of Ashley and the family group picture from Rachael's wedding.  People coming to view your property need to see themselves there. 

Art should have broad based appeal.  You are sharing the feel of your home with out knocking visitors over the head with your owl collection. The frames you've collected over the years are easy to spray paint -- I like flat black, but oil rubbed bronze or antique white also create a modern & cohesive look. 

Frames with the picture floating between two pieces of glass are my favorite. They add size & scale without making an arrangement too heavy. It also has the illusion of bringing your wall color forward as a perfectly matched mat. If you spray paint these frames, spray all sides of the back piece, because it shows through the glass.  I've had to go back to the sticky stage more than once to learn this lesson

Highlight your city or the landscapes around you, buyers are looking in your location for a reason.  We lived in Charleston and had plenty of images laying around (old postcards, stationary, magazine pictures).  You can check websites for your city or chamber of commerce. I have a Facebook friend who takes amazing pictures of the Lowcountry. She's given me permission to use them as art here and in my clients' homes.

Amanda Jean Matlock via pinterest

Since we love our GPS so much, the maps in my glove box have found their way into art projects all over my house. Apparently, I'm not the only one because these are popping up all over Pinterest.

Look around and make the most of everything you have laying around:
  • frame textiles. it adds texture and warmth.  I've used scraps of everything from bridesmaid's dresses to an old pillow so flat the dog wouldn't lay on it.
  • frame paper. there are such gorgeous scrapbook papers and wrapping papers (my girls can stop by with their fundraiser if you don't have any). even a small piece with a lot of mat around it becomes art.
  • frame printables. Pinterest is covered with free printables and tutorials about how to make them.  Keep quotes positive and general. My Sunday School teacher mom will hate this, but avoid Bible verses -- remember broad based appeal.

  • mix old & new.  I found these old prints inside a book. They had not seen the light of day since the 70's. They really show their spotsage character.
  • use 1 or 2 large accessories.  I love shells and candlesticks. Check your own collection of treasures you've found at Tuesday Morning. Just be careful not to creep back into clutter.
clearance art from Tar-jay  $2.08 & $2.38.

  • challenge yourself to spend $0. Almost all the frames I have, started their lives as pre-framed art from discount stores or Goodwill. When people don't respond to the subject, retailers mark these down much lower than frames with the smiling family.
If you want to lean frames like I do in these pictures (and in my home), try Velcro tabs.  They keep even large pictures from slipping down. My three girlies have tried to stomp mine down more that once.  HOWEVER these tabs are made to stick through lots of stick/unsticks. I always cover the shelf side tab with less sticky, repositionable 2-sided tape. It will save your painted mantle and shelves, but do not tell hunky husband how I know that.

Leaning pictures on your mantle or floating shelves serves a couple of purposes.
1. The buyers don't see a million holes in the wall from my your latest gallery wall adventure.
2. It makes even formal looking art or posed pictures look more casual. 

When my friend little Bekah moved to Charleston from Up North, she realized the need to trade her stilettos for flip flops. Coastal Casual style is strictly enforced -- beautiful clothes, messy beautiful hair, beautiful pedicure & just flops.  That same casual style will welcome visitors into your home whether you are trying to sell, rent or just live visit ready.

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