Sunday, January 29, 2012

Stinkin Cute Teacher Gifts

The evil genius who put the pharmacy inside Wal-Mart got my $40 today while I was waiting for the two prescriptions that totaled $2.98. Of course, it saved me from the $100 I would have spent going to the pharmacy inside Target.

I was  stealing comparison shopping their huge paint chips (for a crafty project) when I saw these little cuties.  They are supposed to hold soap or tiny potions & lotions in the shower, but on the becca channel, I saw them holding post-it notes and little markers on the side of a file cabinet.  No need to contact your cable provider, I'm the only one who gets the becca channel.

the picture in my head of how the teacher can actully use this
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Maybe you don't give presents to your teachers for every holiday.  School is expensive enough with trips, books, lunch, fees, activities, pictures etc. Our school also has $1 fundraisers, what seems like every Friday. It adds up.

However, I come from an education family.  Its kinda the family business.  Both my parents taught for over 30 years.  My Sistah is a 5th grade teacher.  I even had a long-term sub phase in my life (FDHS class of 2000 -- hollah!)  It is not an easy job. Teachers spend a lot of their own money for their classrooms and activities.  So, I like to do something special for the ones who put up with enlighten & encourage my short people all day.

I went through the stationary, valentines and candy aisles to find dollar or less treasures to fill the baskets up.

This was intented to be a bouquet of pretty lollipops for $1. I split them into two bouquets to add color and height. 

Middle girlie's teacher has their 1st grade class themed all in monkeys.  So, I couldn't resist these pencils. 

My mom is a breast cancer survivor (6 years wooo wooo). Hunky husband says I would buy a bag of dirt if they put a pink ribbon on it.  They didn't have a bag of dirt, but I did snap up these precious little tissues.  They are called "swanky hankies" and some portion of my $.97 purchase supports breast cancer reasearch.  Every penny helps.

Each of the girlies got to take a cute picture of themselves to put into the magnetic frame.  I am under no illusion that these pictures will stay in the frame for long.  They are cute, though. 

My one splurge, the Hershey chocolates.  Truth be told, I ate most of them while assembling these lovely gifts.  Teacher gifts are only the latest, thinly veiled, excuse for me to buy chocolates.

The open weave design of these baskets just screamed out to be tied up with ribbon. 

This all started because I "got lured" to the back of the store by these HUGE paint sample chips.  When we moved, I threw out or donated all of my scrap paper collection (a national treasure).  Raiding the paint chips keeps me from buying whole packs of scrapbooking or construction paper.  I'll have to break down and buy some eventually, but these work perfectly for small projects.

Big girlie thinks everything in the world should be pink.  Middle girlie would paint everything orange, so her shades are more vibrant. 

Each of the girlies got to draw hearts on the paint chips and cut them out. We glued them onto the leftover photo paper to make the card.

My first job was at a gift shop that made gift baskets and I've just never recovered.  Somehow, putting the crinkly clear wrap around anything makes it look more snazzy.  Plus, it gives me a chance to use up more of the ribbon stash that ate New York.

These worked out to almost exactly $10 each:
  • basket                       $2.47
  • lollipop                         .50
  • pink erasers                  .60
  • pencils                          .97
  • post-it notes                1.44
  • chocolates                   1.34
  • magnetic frame             .95
  • tissues                           .97
  • paint chips                   free
  • clear wrap                    free
  • ribbons                     + free
                                          $ 9.24

You don't have to spend this much or any money for that matter. But please, send you teachers' some special appreciation every time you can.  Please give respect (and a hug) to any parents you know who are taking on the task of teaching their own children.

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  1. Love this idea! I think I'll have to whio something up for my daughter's teacher. Thanks for sharing! :)

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